Helpful Hints

Plan your storage space:

By using same size sturdy cartons which are labelled clearly you can optimise your storage space.
By leaving a passage way in your container you can more easily access items in the back.

Keep cartons at a weight you can easily handle. Where possible dismantle bulky items to save space.
Place items you need to get to more often in the front. Place heavy items on the bottom.

Wrapping fragile items in bubble-wrap protects them from breaking. Mark mirrors, glass and artwork as such and package separately. Store these upright, and don't place heavy items on top of these.

Clean and defrost refrigerators and freezers and leave the doors slightly open. Clean stoves before storage. Make sure to drain washing machines completely before putting them into storage.
Store computers, televisions, videos and stereos in their original cartons wherever possible. Backup hard disks and store the backup off site.


Remove all batteries from appliances as leaks can cause damage.

Remove petrol and oil from mowers and other machinery. Wipe metal parts with an oily rag to help prevent rust.

Make sure to support mattresses well if you need to store them standing up as they might bend and lose shape.

It is a good idea to insure items you put into storage.

Moth repellant will protect any clothing and fabrics. Put up mouse traps and bait stations but make sure to check these regularly.

Please refer to the terms of your lease agreement and do not store flammable, explosive, hazardous and perishable items or items that could pose a risk to other persons or property. Do not store food items.